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Transfreight is a premier third-party logistics (3PL) provider who engineers and executes unique lean supply chain solutions for each of our customers.

Creating competitive advantage for you

In today’s fiercely competitive marketplace, we’ve learned that customers need a 3PL who can bring these proven strengths and capabilities to their challenges:

Customized solutions   Knowing that your company’s situation is unique, we develop a unique solution that generally includes an optimized network just for you. We focus on the business objectives that matter to you such as waste elimination, measurement, profitability growth, and continuous improvement. Transfreight effectively integrates lean theory with management and operations to help you successfully connect your manufacturing processes to your supply chain.

Innovative / multidisciplinary team   Day to day, we live the team-based kaizen culture, and partner with those who also aspire to excellence. Improvement initiatives are ongoing and involve everyone in the organization. We constantly challenge each other to develop and implement the best solution for each customer.

Robust technologies   Transfreight excels at applying its proprietary technologies, in addition to best-of-breed technologies developed by others. We integrate a broad spectrum of technologies and processes to engineer smart solutions for each customer.

We’re in business to help you advance your business. Our focus is on streamlining and adding significant value to your operation and supply chain as they evolve to meet the demands of your dynamic marketplace.

Lean logistics solutions  To help your business thrive, Transfreight is constantly expanding our range of customized lean supply chain solutions to meet your requirements, including:

    • Network Optimization
    • Crossdocking
    • Facility Services
    • Packaging
    • Transportation
    • Consulting


When Transfreight was founded in 1988, we supported the demanding logistics needs of Toyota in its early stages of starting North American operations. Over the years, we’ve continued to create competitive advantage for this leader, as well as an expanding range of top companies across multiple industries.

In addition to offering our extensive expertise and successful track record, we’re backed by the strength of Mitsui & Co., Ltd., one of the world’s most diversified and comprehensive trading, investment, and service enterprises.

Transfreight - Case Study Spotlight

POD reporting increases efficiency at major manufacturer

A major manufacturer was faced with the challenge of maintaining control and visibility of inventory on their docks and in the yard, because they relied heavily on manual receiving processes and yard audits. In a JIT environment, this information couldn’t be compiled / analyzed quickly enough to be useful, nor could much of it be considered accurate given the manually intensive process. Something needed to be done quickly to ensure control of the entire production system, so the customer approached Transfreight.

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Business logistics costs were 9.9% ($1.31 trillion) of GDP in 2006.—CSCMP

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Transfreight engineers customized lean supply chains
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